Race and Ride Series

Race and Ride Programs

Monday night at the track.
Fondo Fitness
Learn to Race (for everyone)
Start Time: 6:00pm

Wednesday night is for racing only
You must have race experience to race or do the Learn to Race (above on Monday)
Practice Start Time: 6:00pm
Race Groups Start Time: 7:15pm

Thursday night is TT practice. On 4 courses of 8 km, 16 km, 29 km and 40 km.
Start Time: 7:00pm

Sunday morning.
Sunday Ride Program
Start Time: 8:00am

Drop-ins welcome for all events.
Bring your Cycling BC license.
If you don't have a Cycling BC license yet, we can still accommodate you!
You can pay your drop in fee here, or onsite.