Membership Benefits

Phoenix Velo Training Group Member Benefits

As a member of the Phoenix Velo Training Group, you’ll enjoy more than just our rides. Membership benefits include:

Become a Phoenix Velo Member Now

We offer individual memberships. To become a member of Phoenix Velo Training Group, simply select the Membership plan that suits your needs and complete your registration with your secure payment through the CCN website. Formerly, our membership plans allowed members to sign-up at any time throughout the year, with memberships renewing annually every January 1st. All Membership Plans are renewed once a year.. After you process your payment and submit your registration form, you will be granted access to the Phoenix Velo Members Only area of the web site, including the Phoenix Velo eStore. Members will receive detailed information about how this works on the new website. If you are an existing club member and you have questions about how to use the new website, please contact us.

If you have questions or need more information about our memberships, please contact our membership coordinator.

Member Communications

Members stay connected through our website, periodical member emails, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Strava club and Google group. The Phoenix Velo Google group is the official opt-in email list of the Phoenix Velo Cycling Club and serves as the club’s primary means of communicating. Information about all club activities (rides, races, events, etc) is posted on the group. The group is open to the greater cycling community and serves as a valuable forum and message board. We encourage all Phoenix Velo members to join the group and we only request that everyone respect the group and keep posting positive and cycling related.

To join the Phoenix Velo Training Group, Google group, (sign into your Google Account) and click here, next click the blue button Apply to join group. Even if you are a registered member of the club, you need to separately join the Phoenix Velo Training Group, Google group.

NOTE: If you use an email address other than your CCN registration email address we may be unable to confirm it's you. You may need to let us know. Otherwise your request to join the club Google Groups may not be approved quickly.

We also use a club newsletter, members can sign up for the club newsletter on the Members page here. (slide down near the bottom of the page.)